The Arc of Amador and Calaveras Counties


Some Amador Campus folks dismantling a piano donated by John Leggett.

With the help of John, the Consumers stripped the piano down to piles of nuts, bolts and a wide array of parts. Stephen singlehandedly removed over 300 screws/bolts!! Great Job guys!! The various piano pieces are already being turned into art, from incredible jewelry to wall art!

Quyle Kilns, whose clay will allow us to begin a pottery class! Thank you!!!

Big Horse Ranch

Thank you Ray Stacey for teaching us about Circus Horses, Wagons, Fire Hazards and your incredible Calliope!


Paper Mache Class

Paper Mache class was lots of fun for the folks in Calaveras... A great way to enhance hand-eye coordination and an awesome way to express oneself!!!

Service Dog Visit


Work Crews hard at work RECYCLING!!!

Employees of the Quarter:

Matt & Heidi

Employees of the quarter for Amador (Matt) and Calaveras (Heidi) Campuses.


Matt has good interpersonal skills and is willing to help others.

Heidi is always prepared for work, and will spend extra time on a task to make sure it is done correctly.